How to Prevent Hurricane Damage To Your Roof

A hurricane cannot be prevented, but you can prepare for it so that you don’t suffer any major damage. Partnering with a local roofer will help keep hurricane damage to a minimum in Central Florida.

1. Prevention

Regular roof inspections will help you prevent hurricane damage from destroying your home. You should always have your roof inspected by a professional roofer. Visually inspect each part.

  • Shingles, metallic panels, or tiles

  • Ridge, kitchen, bathroom, and gable vents

  • Rubber boots with sanitary stacks

  • Drip edge

  • Flashing and caulking

An inspection of your attic will reveal potential problems such as mold and light leaks that could lead to water leakage.

An attic inspection should include an assessment of hurricane clips to protect your roof from being blown away by strong winds and pressure differential.

prompt roofing repair should be performed after the roof inspection. Reinforcing your roof will prevent severe hurricane damage.

2. Preparation

Consider contacting your roofer before a hurricane to make sure you are prepared for strong winds, heavy rains, and changes in air pressure. Are there any roof nails that are needed to hold a few more shingles? Do flashings need to be re-caulked?

Clear out your yard of all clutter. Windborne debris that has been lifted can damage tiles and shingles, as well as dent metal panels. A gutter cleaning service is a good idea to stop water from backing up or rotting your fascia boards.

3. Get it right

Do a ground-level inspection of your roof after the hurricane. Are there missing or damaged metal, tiles, or shingles? Can you see brown stains on walls or ceilings?

These common hurricane-related repairs can be addressed by your roofer immediately.

  • Roof leaks Hurricanes can damage your roof and cause water to seep into your ceilings, walls, or furnishings.

  • Shifted flashing — Flashing is used to bridge the gaps between materials. If it shifts in hurricane winds, water can enter.

  • To prevent further damage, missing tiles or shingles — Any roof component that is damaged or missing must be replaced immediately.

  • Roof leaks can occur quickly when shingles are lifted — Wind can cause roof adhesion to be eroded.

Contact HD Roofing today for all your Central Florida property protection needs. We can prepare your roof before the storm hits and we will still be there to help you after it passes.

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