How to Make Sure the Building Is Safe for Your Employees?

So, you have finally purchased a new building where you wish to start your daily office operations. You have a big workforce that will be working inside this building. If that’s the case, there are certain formalities you have to fulfill to make sure the building is safe for the occupants.

While there are many things to check, when it comes to electrical wiring and systems, here is what you need to do.

Call Professionals for EICR

When you buy a new building for commercial use, you are required to check the quality of electrical wires, systems, and installations inside the building to ensure the safety of your employees. There are certain checks that have to be run and that’s what EICR entails.

It involves professional electricians running several checks to identify problems with electrical wiring and installations and preparing a written report to highlight any potential dangers or declare the wiring safe. Depending on the size of the building, you might have to carry out these tests multiple times in every 5 years. It would best you get in touch with London Rewires not only for tests but also to get professional advice on how to make the building safe for everyone.

Follow the Codes on EICR Results

Once EICR tests have been completed, you will receive a report with codes that tell you what needs to be done. It is important that you allow the professionals to carry out what’s needed to declare the wiring of the building safe. They might have to secure a few places, install some new outlets, and perform other electrical safety operations to make everything sound.

Never make the mistake of occupying a building unless you have had its wiring checked and gotten a written report in your hands that declares your building’s wiring safe for occupants.